Operation Fitness Boost

Once again, we’ve faced defeat in our latest effort against the rebellion. My comrade, Cataria, seems particularly upset by this setback. She’s always been the fiercer and more focused of the two of us, and such failures weigh heavily on her. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that she needs some sort of diversion to take her […]

Bathtubs and Biscuits

‘Are you sure about this, Ma?’ Stewie asked his mother as she laid out a plate of biscuits on the table. ‘Of course I’m sure,’ she said, lowering herself into the seat opposite him with a grimace. ‘How’s Tina and the girls?’ ‘Yeah, they’re great, Ma,’ Stewie said quickly, frowning at the piece of paper […]

Desperately Need A Shower

I shower every morning without fail. If I don’t shower very first thing in the morning, I’m tired for the rest of the day. I need my morning shower to wake me up and ease me into the day. I need that feeling of warmth on a cold morning and I need to get my […]

Turn On The Cooling

I feel like a lot of young adults still living at home would relate to what I’m about to say: it gets to a point in life where dealing with your parents’ weird quirks just gets to be too much. I first noticed this feeling when I turned twenty and my parents would do little […]

Please No Test

I’ve never liked going to the optometrist or the dentist. As a kid, I had a bad experience with a healthcare professional getting too close to my face and it really scared me at the time. Now I’m an adult and I’m still struggling with going to any sort of health appointment that involves getting […]

Botany Expert Designs

I am a botanist who lives in Australia. I love my job. It’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a young girl, as I’ve always been a bit obsessed with plants. A bit too obsessed, my friends would always say. But who’s laughing now? They’re all jealous of how cool my career […]

Can’t Help Mum

Why am I always so behind on these things? I feel like I’m catching up only to fall straight behind again an hour or so later. I don’t think I’m cut out for looking after my mum anymore and I’m feeling overwhelmed with the whole situation. I love my mum more than anything, obviously, but […]

A Minor Break-In

‘So what did they take?’ the detective asked, flicking open a very official-looking notebook with not enough pages left. ‘Uh…’ Suzanna glanced around her townhouse, trying to remember what it had looked like before the burglary. ‘I think there was a bust on that mantlepiece. And was there always a book missing from that shelf? […]

Palace for Peace

Taking a deep breath, the queen steadied herself against the oaken door. She’d made a promise to herself, to never enter this particular room angry; it was her private, secret chambers, the one that Harold didn’t know about — her sanctuary. She loved her husband, but if he got involved in one more bathroom renovation… […]

Eco-friendly Consumers

I am absolutely loving the trend of businesses trying to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable in order to get customers. I know they’re just trying to do it to make more money, but if it positively impacts the environment then literally, I don’t care what their motivation is. I’ve been really into protecting the […]