Professional Car Driver

I drive luxury cars for a living. I’m a chauffeur and I take my job very seriously, which means keeping my car well maintained every single day of the year. I drive Raceview’s elite around. The richest people in Raceview never bothered to get their licenses because driving themselves around is ‘for peasants’, as I’ve heard many times during transit. I’ve also seen things that would make most people’s hair curl, but I can never share this information as I must respect the privacy of Raceview’s elite.

One of my job’s main responsibilities is to get a yearly logbook service in the Raceview area. There’s a standard that I must uphold on every trip with every client. By getting an annual logbook service, I help ensure that the quality my clients expect is upheld and that I remain the number one driver of Raceview’s elite. It’s a title that I am very proud of.

I won’t lie to anyone – I’m currently living my dream, but just in a smaller sense. I love driving around Raceview’s richest people, but I want to do more than that. One day I want to move to California and be the chauffeur for the rich and famous. I would learn so much about what it’s like to be famous from them, and it would be extremely cool to know the most powerful people in the country.

To achieve my dream, I’m going to have to prove how good a driver I am and my willingness to do whatever is needed, such as visit an expert mechanic. Close to Raceview, it’s easy for me to visit a mechanic that I trust as I’ve lived in the area my whole life. It’ll be harder for me once I live in California, and I’ll have to get to know all the mechanics in the area to choose the best one. I hope my dream becomes a reality.

Stuck Without Heat


I’m angry. In fact, anger doesn’t even begin to cut it. I’m furious. We’ve been under stay at home orders for two weeks now, due to some unfortunate circumstances that are plaguing the world. 

Before the stay at home order, I had a fun trip planned with three of my best friends. It’s the long weekend this weekend coming, the one that I was really excited about and we’re not allowed to go away! How can they even say that? They’re telling me that I have to sit in my tiny, rundown one-bedroom apartment for three days straight when I’m supposed to be away having the time of my life with my friends? My apartment doesn’t even have a working heater! 

How am I supposed to get someone who does heating repairs near Canberra to come and fix my heater when they’re not even legally allowed to? This just sucks. I’ve always been one to follow the rules, listen to health advice and do what needs to be done for the good of the community, but what about my own good? This is turning into some sick joke. 

I just want to go away and have fun, without worrying about the fact that I’m freezing and can’t do anything about it. Did you know the place my friends and I had booked to go to has a real woodfire fireplace? I seriously would have sat in front of it and roasted marshmallows for ten hours straight. 

I guess some things just aren’t meant to be. I’m going to have to suck it up and pay for a ducted heater servicing. In the Canberra area, there are plenty of service technicians around, but I’ve never been able to afford any. I guess I’ll use the refund from my holiday to pay for the technician. This isn’t what I want to do and even though I want to rebel, I know that I can’t.

Brisbane’s Muay Thai


And we’re back, everyone! Sorry that we had to cut to an ad break early. I’m not sure if you guys noticed but things got a bit feisty with my co-host Nath about ten minutes ago. I’m Kath, your professional Muay Thai boxer commentator, and I’m here with Nath, the guy that adds a couple of laughs to the commentary every now and then. 

Ugh, I don’t want to say it on live TV Kath, but you’re kind of insufferable… Anyway, great to have you, everyone, I can’t wait for the local Muay Thai boxing gym to turn into an arena for Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition in just a few minutes!

You know what, Nath, that’s something we can both agree on! The first two competitors are stepping into the ring now. For those of you who didn’t tune into the competition last year, the way it works is it’s a round-robin. We have twenty competitors, which means ten first round fights. The five winners then progress to the next round, and the person who knocks their competitor out quickest in the first round gets to sit out of the second and third rounds. That means they go straight to the championship round. 

Wow, it sounds like there’s a lot riding on this first round then, doesn’t it Kath?

Good work stating the obvious, Nath.

Well, that’s just awesome, thanks, Kath. Anyway, for those of you who are watching at home, the rounds are split up into different days. It would be too much to have our competitors try and do all of this in one day, and splitting it up also means more revenue for the showrunners, so obviously they’re going to do that!

Anyway, we now turn our attention to the MMA gym near Brisbane. I’m seriously holding my breath, I’m that excited. Our first pair is about to get into the ring. More to come after the ad break.

Memorial Traditional Tattoo

My brother passed away last week and it has ruined my entire life. I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy again and I don’t know how to move forward. He saved my life when we were kids which means I literally wouldn’t be here today without him. And now he’s gone. I don’t know what to do. Life is never going to be the same again.

I have two other brothers. They’re just as devastated as I am. We were all sitting in my brother’s room last night drinking beers and talking about him. My heart was broken the entire time but after roughly our tenth beer we came up with a really good idea. We’re going to talk to a tattooist in the Brisbane area about getting memorial tattoos for my brother. The three of us will tattoo something different on our body so that we never forget anything about him. 

I’m never going to forget him and I could tattoo my entire body plus more and still have more to say about him. I just want him to come back. I wasn’t ready to lose him. He wasn’t ready to go. Life shouldn’t be this unfair. Sorry, I’m going to have to take a break and get back to this blog post sometime soon. Things are just a bit much for me at the moment, if I’m being honest. 

Sorry about my inactivity over the past week. When I logged off I just didn’t have the heart to log back on. It makes me too sad to talk about my loss and I felt overwhelmed at the thought of finishing this blog post. But my brothers and I have spoken to a traditional tattooist who is very keen to help us. We’ve shown her photos of our brother and told her about him, and she’s going to create designs based on what she knows. We’re going to approve them or make suggestions soon. I’ll let you know how they go.

An experienced driver

I swear sometimes my car feels like it is my lifeline. I use it for absolutely everything. I use it to get to and from work. I use it to take the kids to school. I use it to drive my parents around. I use it to do the grocery shopping. I use it to visit friends. I used to be such a nervous driver, particularly when it came to parking. Now that I’ve had about fifteen years of experience driving every day, driving now feels like a task that is second nature to me. I hardly even have to think while doing it. Well, until the other day. The other day I was driving on a busy main road and noticed my car was stalling. It was odd. Things started getting really slow. I had no idea what was happening so I decided to do my best to pull over on the side of the road. I really didn’t want my car breaking down in the middle of the road and causing an accident. I called up my husband to ask him what he thought might be happening. He predicted that the battery had died and I’d need it replaced. I had no idea where I could get a car battery replacement near me. Luckily I have a membership that covers roadside assistance and they were able to come by and help me.

It did take a little while for the roadside people to come by but when they did turn up they informed me that they couldn’t simply replace the battery on the side of the road. In the end, it was decided that my car would need to be towed to a mechanic near Underwood. I’m hoping the battery replacement is something that can be done in one day, but I know sometimes it’s hard to be so sure. All I’m happy about is that I managed to pull the car over safely without getting into an accident or getting myself stuck in the middle of a busy road.

Loving vintage cars

I absolutely adore vintage cars. There’s something about them that just screams ‘unique’. Back in the 70s, you’d be able to recognise your friends just by their car. The sounds they made and how the car looked were some key defining features. Nowadays cars look like a dime a dozen. There’s no defining quality. My dad had an old vintage car that used to roar! He had this car for decades longer than he should have but I won’t complain, it was a cool looking and sounding car. The engine could be heard from miles away. I remember when I was a kid and he’d pick me up from school. I’d always know when he was nearby as the engine would rev as soon as he turned the corner. I’ll never forget the look of shock and disgust on the other parents’ faces. It was absolutely priceless. I wish my car had some sort of character like that. Instead, if my car is roaring or making loud noises it’s simply one of many signs my car needs a transmission service. These vintage cars were made like tanks too unlike the cars from today. If my dad’s car hit something, his car would leave unscathed. My car reversed gently into a parked car the other day and now my whole tail-end needs looking at.

In saying all this, of course, there are some luxury cars that I absolutely love. I saw one the other day that had a leather interior and gloss wood panel interiors and it was beautiful. If I ever get to a point where I have some extra money to throw around I think I’d look into modding my car up to have leather interiors and wood panelling. I think that would be a job for a mechanic. Morayfield won’t know what hit them when they see me driving around in my loud car with my pimped up interiors. My car will look like one of those ones that you see on those custom car shows on TV. It’s amazing seeing how they transform cars.

Hybrid car feelings

I have really mixed feelings about hybrid cars. There are quite a few disadvantages to them. First, they have less power. If you’re someone who loves being able to get a bit of a responsible rush when driving, a hybrid car is not for you. Hybrid cars operate with a twin-powered engine which means the gasoline engine which is responsible for power is much smaller than that which is in a normal car. My second issue with the hybrid car is how expensive it can get. They’re expensive to buy and then they can be expensive to maintain. I suppose a big part of this is because there is a shortage of hybrid car mechanics near me. Another big issue with hybrid cars is that in the case of an accident, the high voltage battery within the car can become increasingly dangerous and then there’s a whole different issue surrounding how to dispose of these high voltage batteries.

I really hope my above thoughts don’t put people off from hybrid cars as they do have a lot of positive qualities. They’re very environmentally friendly as they run cleaner and have better gas mileage. While these cars are costly, they do come with a lot of government incentives and tax benefits. I assume it’s because the government wants to encourage people to purchase cars that are better for the environment. To make things more affordable, you need to find a cost-effective mechanic. Lockleys has one if you live in the area. Hybrid cars are also built from lighter materials which means it takes less energy to run these cars. Actually, as the years go on I actually think cars are being made out of lighter and lighter materials. I was in my friend’s 1970s Ford the other day and it was made out of metal panels! That’s another thing about hybrid cars, they’ve got a very futuristic look. I’m still not sure if I’ll buy one just yet but I won’t rule out the idea.

History of braces

An attractive smile and healthy teeth has been considered desirable for many years and in many cultures. History shows that there have been numerous ancient civilisations that would create makeshift primitive forms of braces to help with the alignment of crooked teeth. Some would even use braces on corpses to preserve straight teeth in the afterlife. The ancient world would often use materials such as gold, catgut, and metal to create braces but over the years the materials civilization would evolve to include the likes of steel, wood, ivory, brass, copper, silver, steel, and platinum.

Historians believe the four ancient civilisations to use braces were The Egyptians, The Ancient Romans, The Ancient Greeks, and The Etruscans. Fast forward to the modern era, we have Christophe-Francois Delabarre to thank for the invention of modern braces in 1819. The French were responsible for the constant evolution of dentistry in the 1700s. Advancements included custom mouthguards and wisdom teeth removal as a means to manage overcrowding, but it was Delabarre who invented a woven wire to be worn for an extended time over the upper and lower teeth. His invention had the intent to straighten teeth overtime and became the precursor to the braces many of us have had at some point. 

For a long time braces were chunky silver things that turned us all into metal mouths for decades. That was until 1997 when the invisible clear plastic retainer was envisioned by Zia Chishti. This retainer became what we know today as Invisalign and although it was invented in 1997, it was not available until 2000. There are now many orthodontics clinics near Bayside which now have the knowledge and skill to start giving their patients braces and Invisalign options as a means to straighten their teeth. 

Thanks to this invention we are seeing a lot more people get braces later in life as they no longer need to feel embarrassed or worried about the stigma associated with having braces. Invisalign allows a subtle way for adults to straighten their teeth without compromising overall appearance. 

Flowers and Heat


For some reason, all my potted plants keep dying. I’ve been taking really good care of them—at least, I think I have. I’ve been giving them water, lots of sunlight and a heap of love. That’s all they need, right? So why won’t they last more than a week or so in my house? It’s so frustrating. When did this all start? Well, it wasn’t that long ago. Perhaps a few months. It was probably around the time that I got help from that business offering ducted gas heating repairs. Melbourne homes are fine for growing plants. I don’t understand why this wouldn’t be working.

Surely it doesn’t have anything to do with the temperature in my house. I like it really hot during the winter, so I have the heater blasting all day (hence why I had to get heater repairs). And I’m not talking hot like thirty degrees. I’m talking about Arizona-in-the-summer hot. It’s like a desert in my house. Now that I think about it, flowers don’t really thrive in deserts, do they? I guess my love of heat and my interest in flowers aren’t going to complement each other. Perhaps it would have been better if I never had that service from the best ducted gas heating technician Melbourne had to offer. I’d be cold, but at least my flowers would be doing alright.

I can’t believe I’ve done this to my poor flowers. Does this make me a terrible human being? They trusted me to help them thrive, but I’ve betrayed them. It would be like if my fiancee took me on a romantic walk along the ocean cliffs, and I viciously decided to push her from the top, down to the sharp rocks below. I’ve essentially done that to my beautiful flowers. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself for doing something so horrible. If flowers go to heaven, I hope they can somehow find it in their cells to forgive me.

Brother’s car squeals

I met this girl a few weeks ago and she is honestly one of a kind. She has these gorgeous green eyes and flowing red hair. We had our first date the other day. Currently, she lives with her family a few suburbs out of the city so I insisted that I come and pick her up with my car. Unfortunately, leading up to the date my car had a few tyre issues so I had to take it to a garage for repair. My brother was kind enough to lend me his car for the evening. This was a great idea up until I realised that his car was in no condition to be driven.

For starters, I couldn’t hit the brakes without there being a loud screeching noise. To top it off, when I arrived at her parents’ house the screech was so loud I sounded as if I was some hoon doing doughnuts on their front lawn. Her father came out of the house and scolded me until I said that I was there to pick up his daughter. Boy, was that an awkward first encounter. No doubt he thought I was some loser. On the upside, she was happy to see me. She mentioned the noises were signs that my car might need a brake repair. I informed her that it’s my brother’s car and he’s slack with those sorts of things. She laughed. Apparently, her brother is the same.

The date went so well. We had a really lovely meal and then went to a comedy night. She’s such a nice and genuine person. When I dropped her home she seemed so grateful for the dinner and lift and thanked me probably five times. I can’t wait to see her again. I also can’t wait for my brother to sort his car out! He told me he’d been avoiding taking it to a garage because he didn’t want to wreck his warranty. I told him that all he needed to do was find an Adelaide mechanic for logbook service.

His warranty won’t be affected.