Catalogue Magazine is the home of fashion for people who aren’t into fashion. Think of it as your official cheat-sheet for tracking trend trails, reading between the racks, cruising confidently into conversations around clothes and sashaying through their sociological implications. 

Our rationale? We believe that, since the advent of the internet, fashion literacy has been on the up. This is a good thing, because it (a) enables more people to appreciate the labour involved in fashion production and make more ethical buying choices, (b) increases opportunities for creative expression in everyday life, regardless of purchasing power, and (c) is fun to talk about. We understand that this arena can be alienating for some, so we decided to create a simple guide for those who don’t have time to ransack the sales rack of fashion lore.

Within these pages, you’ll find to-the-point rundowns of key regions charted on the vast map of vestments known as fashion. 

Who are we?

We’re Boris Soniek and Mirini Hervey, a pair of sociologically-minded bon vivants who moonlight as armchair fashion critics.