Eco-friendly Consumers

I am absolutely loving the trend of businesses trying to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable in order to get customers. I know they’re just trying to do it to make more money, but if it positively impacts the environment then literally, I don’t care what their motivation is. I’ve been really into protecting the environment for years now and have been trying to get so many people on board. It hasn’t been easy and I’m definitely not responsible for this latest trend towards solar energy and saving the planet, but I’m happy about it.

You know, I won’t actually shop or spend money at any big business that doesn’t have solar panels. For small business, I’m a little more lenient, but they have to show that they’re making some sort of positive impact on the environment for me to shop there. It just doesn’t make sense for me to support businesses that don’t value the things that I value. I’d so much rather pay a little more for products that support the environment than pay for dirt-cheap alternatives that aren’t made in any sort of eco-friendly way. And you know what? I’m not the only one! That’s why so many businesses have started noting how they are helping the planet and why. I really like businesses that highlight the commercial energy storage systems for Melbourne companies that they use. That way I know how eco-friendly their energy storage is. It’s super beneficial as an environmentally conscious consumer!

Anyway, I feel like you’ve definitely gotten the point. It’s pretty clear from this blog post that I love the environment more than anything. I guess you could also say that I love the eco-friendly business trend just as much, but that goes hand in hand really. I’m hoping that a business owner will read this, or someone will share this post with a business owner that they know and it will make a difference in the world.