Botany Expert Designs

I am a botanist who lives in Australia. I love my job. It’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a young girl, as I’ve always been a bit obsessed with plants. A bit too obsessed, my friends would always say. But who’s laughing now? They’re all jealous of how cool my career is. I get to be surrounded by beautiful plants all day, every day, and spend most of my work day out in nature. Who wouldn’t want that? In fact, I love it so much that I am planning to bring it home.

That’s right, I’m redecorating my house and filling those blank, empty walls, with a whole bunch of beautiful flower wallpaper designed in Melbourne. It’s going to look incredible. There are already a few small touches of my botanical flair in my interior design choices, such as my wooden coffee table, which has engravings of daisies and leaves all over it. Or, even in my bathroom, the knobs on the drawers underneath my sink are just golden carvings of flowers. But I’m really looking to take this a step further.

While most people would shy away from the idea, I actually want to become that crazy flower lady that everybody shakes their head at in the street. I want to smell of flowers everywhere I go. They’re just so beautiful. Why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with them every single day? I am particularly interested in purchasing some Australian botanical plants wallpaper and sticking it up in my kitchen. I’m going to get the self-adhesive kind, which means it can be applied a lot faster and uses a much more simple process than the traditional type of wallpaper, which is so fiddly. I can’t wait. It’s going to be so much fun cooking Australian delicacies in my kitchen, only to look up and see all the Australian plants stuck up on my wall.