Turn On The Cooling

I feel like a lot of young adults still living at home would relate to what I’m about to say: it gets to a point in life where dealing with your parents’ weird quirks just gets to be too much. I first noticed this feeling when I turned twenty and my parents would do little […]

Stuck Without Heat

  I’m angry. In fact, anger doesn’t even begin to cut it. I’m furious. We’ve been under stay at home orders for two weeks now, due to some unfortunate circumstances that are plaguing the world.  Before the stay at home order, I had a fun trip planned with three of my best friends. It’s the […]

Flowers and Heat

  For some reason, all my potted plants keep dying. I’ve been taking really good care of them—at least, I think I have. I’ve been giving them water, lots of sunlight and a heap of love. That’s all they need, right? So why won’t they last more than a week or so in my house? […]

Smugged Up

In general, it’s pretty hard to contemplate the state of your heating system in mid-January, but these are no ordinary times. I’m actually wearing a jumper and sheepskin boots as I write this, and I’ve got half a mind to turn on the heater. I’m not going to, because that’s ridiculous and I’m not going […]