Far away office

It’s that time of year again when your car struggles with inclines, there are strange noises every time you turn it on, it stalls at every red light, and your dashboard light starts flickering like it’s in a disco. When these things happen, you just know that your bank account is going to take a hit. I tend to be one of those people who stay on top of getting their car serviced. It helps that I have a Queanbeyan car service mechanic that I trust. I’ve called him up and I will be taking my car over next week. 


I’m not too sure what is causing the problem with the car at the moment. I assume it’s just a wear and tear issue given that I drive this car every day. My office is an hour away from home and I’m driving in peak hour traffic. Given the circumstances, it’s only expected that my car wears out quicker than most. At least it’s still under warranty and I am entitled to a logbook service.


I haven’t told anyone this but I am looking for employment closer to home. This hour drive there and an hour drive back is absolutely killing me. I have to wake up super early and by the time I get home, I feel wrecked. Plus, the amount I am spending on petrol is ridiculous. I’m starting to think it’s not worth it. When I first took this job I lived closer to that area but my wife and I moved out here to be closer to her family as they can help us with our son when both of us are at work. I don’t like to complain too much about how the move has inconvenienced me as far as my commute to and from work. I really don’t want to sound unappreciative and I don’t want my wife to feel like it’s her fault when it’s a decision we made together. I’ll keep you all posted on the job hunt but somehow I don’t think it will be easy.