Keep cars safe

Owning a car is like having a pet. You need to feed it with fuel, find somewhere safe for it to stay at night, try not to wear it out, and take it for trips to the mechanic to check everything is ok. If the transport system was more convenient where I live, I honestly think I would just rely on catching the train and bus everywhere. However, I do suppose there are a lot of flexibilities that come with having a car. The first is you don’t have to rely on a train or bus schedule to get you where you need to be. Train and bus schedules aren’t always reliable and if you need to catch multiple trains to get somewhere your plans can easily be screwed if a train gets cancelled or delayed. I’ve had that happen a few times. Actually, the more I think about it I’m starting to realise that I don’t like trains at all. Give me a car any day!

I guess I need to book in for a car service. Bankstown is an area that makes me heavily reliant on my car so I really do need it to be running in top condition. On the weekends I also drive my car for a rideshare company for some extra cash. As I’m a university student, all the extra bits of money I can acquire definitely help. I’m studying engineering at the moment so it’s not like I can be a freelance engineer to make cash. This is the only job I can actually do for now. Part of the rideshare company’s regulations is that we have a car that is running smoothly and safe for all customers. My car has been having some brake and clutch problems over the last few days so I need to get it sorted before the weekend. The weekend is peak time as a rideshare driver as that is when people are needing lifts to and from friends houses, drop-offs at parties, and pickups from clubs.