Brother’s car squeals

I met this girl a few weeks ago and she is honestly one of a kind. She has these gorgeous green eyes and flowing red hair. We had our first date the other day. Currently, she lives with her family a few suburbs out of the city so I insisted that I come and pick her up with my car. Unfortunately, leading up to the date my car had a few tyre issues so I had to take it to a garage for repair. My brother was kind enough to lend me his car for the evening. This was a great idea up until I realised that his car was in no condition to be driven.

For starters, I couldn’t hit the brakes without there being a loud screeching noise. To top it off, when I arrived at her parents’ house the screech was so loud I sounded as if I was some hoon doing doughnuts on their front lawn. Her father came out of the house and scolded me until I said that I was there to pick up his daughter. Boy, was that an awkward first encounter. No doubt he thought I was some loser. On the upside, she was happy to see me. She mentioned the noises were signs that my car might need a brake repair. I informed her that it’s my brother’s car and he’s slack with those sorts of things. She laughed. Apparently, her brother is the same.

The date went so well. We had a really lovely meal and then went to a comedy night. She’s such a nice and genuine person. When I dropped her home she seemed so grateful for the dinner and lift and thanked me probably five times. I can’t wait to see her again. I also can’t wait for my brother to sort his car out! He told me he’d been avoiding taking it to a garage because he didn’t want to wreck his warranty. I told him that all he needed to do was find an Adelaide mechanic for logbook service.

His warranty won’t be affected.