The Roadside Predicament

In the midst of this unexpected roadside predicament, I couldn’t help but feel like I was living one of those cliché movie moments – a ‘record scratch’ and ‘freeze frame’ scenario. It was as if the universe had paused everything around me to ask, “I bet you’re wondering how I ended up in this situation.” […]

4WD in Hobart

We flew to Hobart this morning! My boyfriend’s dad’s long-awaited 60th birthday was yesterday, and to celebrate we have all flown to Hobart for the weekend. It’s a pretty cool way to celebrate a birthday, especially because we’re going to go exploring. Tasmania is a stunning, and if I may be so bold, underestimated state. […]

Professional Car Driver

I drive luxury cars for a living. I’m a chauffeur and I take my job very seriously, which means keeping my car well maintained every single day of the year. I drive Raceview’s elite around. The richest people in Raceview never bothered to get their licenses because driving themselves around is ‘for peasants’, as I’ve […]

An experienced driver

I swear sometimes my car feels like it is my lifeline. I use it for absolutely everything. I use it to get to and from work. I use it to take the kids to school. I use it to drive my parents around. I use it to do the grocery shopping. I use it to […]

Loving vintage cars

I absolutely adore vintage cars. There’s something about them that just screams ‘unique’. Back in the 70s, you’d be able to recognise your friends just by their car. The sounds they made and how the car looked were some key defining features. Nowadays cars look like a dime a dozen. There’s no defining quality. My […]

Hybrid car feelings

I have really mixed feelings about hybrid cars. There are quite a few disadvantages to them. First, they have less power. If you’re someone who loves being able to get a bit of a responsible rush when driving, a hybrid car is not for you. Hybrid cars operate with a twin-powered engine which means the […]

Brother’s car squeals

I met this girl a few weeks ago and she is honestly one of a kind. She has these gorgeous green eyes and flowing red hair. We had our first date the other day. Currently, she lives with her family a few suburbs out of the city so I insisted that I come and pick […]

Far away office

It’s that time of year again when your car struggles with inclines, there are strange noises every time you turn it on, it stalls at every red light, and your dashboard light starts flickering like it’s in a disco. When these things happen, you just know that your bank account is going to take a […]

Keep cars safe

Owning a car is like having a pet. You need to feed it with fuel, find somewhere safe for it to stay at night, try not to wear it out, and take it for trips to the mechanic to check everything is ok. If the transport system was more convenient where I live, I honestly […]

Brand New Car

Six months ago I wrote a blog post about teaching my boyfriend to drive. Well, to update you all, we have now been dating for three years and he successfully passed his driving test last week! I can’t explain enough how proud I am of him. He’s spent the last six months overcoming some really […]