Brand New Car

Six months ago I wrote a blog post about teaching my boyfriend to drive. Well, to update you all, we have now been dating for three years and he successfully passed his driving test last week! I can’t explain enough how proud I am of him. He’s spent the last six months overcoming some really deep-seated fears and has come out the other side. He still has instances where he chooses not to drive, but when he needs to, he does! I think the longer he has his license the more he’ll choose to drive places rather than get public transport.

Over the last six months, he’s been really happy with how my car has driven. He’s chosen to buy a similar car to mine and maybe even visit the same car mechanic. I’m completely on board with this. I’ve always lived by the motto ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’ which applies to this situation perfectly. We’ll be so cute with our matching cars parked side by side in the driveway. Oh, and by the way, we moved in together last month! It’s safe to say that things are going very well between the two of us. They say when you know you know… well, I know, and I think he does too.

He’s chosen to buy a brand new car, which I understand. He could buy a second-hand version of the car that I have, but I think he’ll feel safer knowing that the car is in a perfect condition and hasn’t been potentially messed up by the previous owner. He’s a really smart and cautious man, and I would never question any of his reasoning behind something this important. Once he’s bought the car, he’s going to immediately go and get his first auto service. Close to Moorabbin as my mechanic is, there’s a chance he may want to choose one of his own. That could be good for our relationship, I guess.