What Colour Building?

I can’t believe this is really happening. Ms Delacour’s House of Music is almost open for business. I have almost achieved my lifelong dream. Well, I suppose it can’t really be a lifelong dream, since I only got the idea a few years ago, after seeing all those escape rooms that have become so popular. But hey, my multi-year dream has almost been achieved! 

The only thing that’s left to do is get the outside of the building painted. Obviously dark blue will be my choice of paint since that’s a colour which just screams music. Maybe because blues is a genre of music… Oh no, if I paint the wall blue, will everybody think this is a building that only embraces the blues? Maybe I should be choosing a different colour after all.

I’ll have to decide quickly because the best exterior painter around Melbourne is coming to paint the walls tomorrow. Before that, I’ll need to let him know about the change in colour so that he brings the right paint. What other colours could I do? What about black? No, that will have definite connections with emo, goth and punk music. White paint will just make me think of alternative rock because all the best alt-rock albums have white covers. Pink is the colour of pop. Red the colour of romance and love songs.

Maybe I should tell the commercial painting service to bring green paint? No, that would be terrible. It doesn’t even have musical connotations, but everybody knows that green is not a creative colour. I guess I might just have to go with either yellow or purple. Which would look best, painted on the outside of my building?

No, I’ve got it. The outside of Ms Delacour’s House of Music will be painted orange. It’s perfect. If that’s not a colour that tells people they can come inside and enjoy a variety of music-based puzzle rooms, I don’t know what is.