DIY Project Excitement

I can’t disclose why I’m confined to my home for the next six weeks, but unfortunately I am. I’m also out of a job for the next six weeks, and so I have nothing but free time for over a month. Now to a lot of people this may sound like heaven, but to me, this is my personal nightmare. There’s nothing I dislike more than lounging about doing nothing. It’s a waste of my time and talent.

So to combat the feeling that I’m lazy and good for nothing, which will inevitably wash through me by the halfway mark, I’ve decided to take up a new hobby. I’m going to start doing home DIY projects and build things to go around the house. Today is the last day I’m allowed to leave the house, so I’m going to the Hampton hardware store to buy as many tools and supplies as possible. I’m not really sure what I’m going to buy, I’m hoping that I’ll get inspired once I’m there.

I’m lucky enough to have plenty of disposable income, and I understand the importance of investing in my happiness so I’m more than willing to splurge at the hardware store today. This one shopping trip is going to set me up for the next six weeks, and so it’s got to be a big one. I think I’m going to buy some electrical supplies. Near Cheltenham, where I live, there aren’t anywhere near enough decorative fairy lights, so maybe I’ll make my own and start a trend among the other residents. It’ll be like making a statement that this is the new cool, and that everyone should follow. I’ve been known to have that effect on people before. 

I’m not looking forward to being stuck in the house for the next six weeks, but I am looking forward to seeing how many DIY projects I get under my belt. My house is going to be decorated from wall to wall by the end of all this.