Loving vintage cars

I absolutely adore vintage cars. There’s something about them that just screams ‘unique’. Back in the 70s, you’d be able to recognise your friends just by their car. The sounds they made and how the car looked were some key defining features. Nowadays cars look like a dime a dozen. There’s no defining quality. My dad had an old vintage car that used to roar! He had this car for decades longer than he should have but I won’t complain, it was a cool looking and sounding car. The engine could be heard from miles away. I remember when I was a kid and he’d pick me up from school. I’d always know when he was nearby as the engine would rev as soon as he turned the corner. I’ll never forget the look of shock and disgust on the other parents’ faces. It was absolutely priceless. I wish my car had some sort of character like that. Instead, if my car is roaring or making loud noises it’s simply one of many signs my car needs a transmission service. These vintage cars were made like tanks too unlike the cars from today. If my dad’s car hit something, his car would leave unscathed. My car reversed gently into a parked car the other day and now my whole tail-end needs looking at.

In saying all this, of course, there are some luxury cars that I absolutely love. I saw one the other day that had a leather interior and gloss wood panel interiors and it was beautiful. If I ever get to a point where I have some extra money to throw around I think I’d look into modding my car up to have leather interiors and wood panelling. I think that would be a job for a mechanic. Morayfield won’t know what hit them when they see me driving around in my loud car with my pimped up interiors. My car will look like one of those ones that you see on those custom car shows on TV. It’s amazing seeing how they transform cars.