Glass Balustrade Three

My spouse and I have recently embarked on a journey of house renovations. After meticulous planning and dedicated savings spanning over two years, the thrill of finally actualising the home of our dreams is palpable. While our abode currently boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, the challenge lies not in the space itself but in the outdated aesthetics. Every room is entrenched in the design sensibilities of a bygone era: wallpaper hailing from a different century, brown tiles adorning the kitchen and bathrooms, and heating systems that seem to have remained untouched since their inception. The prevailing atmosphere simply doesn’t resonate with our personal style.

Yesterday marked a pivotal step in our renovation odyssey as we introduced a novel element—an innovative glass balustrade gracing the second-floor landing, adjacent to the staircase. The antecedent railing was a product of light timber, harmonising with the staircase. However, given our intention to stain the stairs in a deeper hue, we made the decision to replace it with sleek glass panels that would impeccably accentuate the contemporary aesthetic we’re striving to achieve.

Regrettably, a minor oversight led to an unexpected hiccup. In the midst of a tempestuous storm last night, the oversight of not securing the glass panels adequately proved consequential. The boisterous elements seized an opportunity as we had left our windows ajar to expedite the drying of freshly applied paint. A hailstone of considerable size breached the opening, resulting in the shattering of the newly installed balustrade. Startled awake, my wife and I rushed to the landing, our hearts pounding in tandem. My heightened sense of alertness even led me to arm myself with a baseball bat in anticipation of a potential intrusion. To our relief, it was a mere meteorological event and not a break-in.

Taking swift action, we reached out to several glass repair companies. Melbourne boasts an array of choices, some of which astonishingly operate around the clock. Recognising that our situation wasn’t of utmost urgency, we opted to await the arrival of a glazier the following morning. The professional did more than mend our glass—he proffered valuable advice. Proposing the use of scratch-resistant glass for our future endeavours, he elucidated that this sturdier alternative would be a significant enhancement over the previously fragile panels.