Bathroom Renovation Three

Remy seethed with anger. Ruby had abandoned him by resigning, and even Paul the plumber had refused assistance. In his mind, friends were unnecessary. They had all deserted him when he needed them the most. His prized bathroom, demolished in the recent accident, had forced him to take refuge in the shadowy depths of the sewers. Sleep was a luxury, for the pitch-black surroundings and frigid air provided no respite. Instead, he stewed in silence, concocting a revenge strategy that brewed in the recesses of his mind. Determination fueled his plan – he would enlist the help of the best bathroom designers Melbourne had to offer, crafting an envy-inducing sanctuary that would astonish every rat in the sewers, including their sovereign. Maybe they would even crown him the new king when they saw what feats he was capable of. 

Initial ideas began to take shape. Remy’s former bathroom, while functional, proved diminutive. The meticulously laid tiling had succumbed to age, now outdated after years of use. It was a creation born of necessity, constructed during a time when resources were scarce. Yet, times had changed. His delivery business had burgeoned, catapulting him into the ranks of the city’s wealthiest rodents. The opportunity to indulge beckoned. Perhaps glistening fixtures crafted from solid gold. Maybe an entire mirror cast from the same opulent material. The audacious notion of a bathroom entirely clad in gold emerged – showers, sinks, storage – a regal haven befitting rat royalty. Before such lavish transformation, the need to address a more practical issue loomed – the pressing requirement for a company offering leaking shower repair services. Without resolving the persistent flooding, the comprehensive overhaul remained an elusive goal. The plumbing dilemma was further complicated by its reliance on the water supply of the neighbouring human apartment. Cunningly diverting a fraction of their water went unnoticed, a shrewd tactic conceived by Remy himself.

Undoubtedly, his scheming bore the mark of intelligence. The plan was cunning, reflecting Remy’s unyielding determination to ascend from the shadows of the sewers and fashion an opulent, rodent-realm retreat.