Drain Plumber One

Amidst all the recent news buzz about sewerage testing, it triggered me to ponder over the plumbing situation in my own dwelling. As if the universe were responding to my contemplation, a curious incident unfolded last week. Following an exuberant romp in the park, my canine companion transformed into a mud-covered ball of fur. Acting […]

Drain Plumber One

I recently faced a critical situation that required the assistance of a drain plumber for a boundary trap replacement in Melbourne. I must say, the services provided by the company I chose left me extremely pleased and satisfied. Thanks to their expert team, my boundary trap issue was resolved efficiently and professionally.   It all […]

Plumbing Millionaire

“Who can perform the best boundary trap replacement? Who’s the most talented plumber this side of the Yarra? Let’s find out, tonight on Who Wants to Be A Plumbing Millionaire!” It was three years ago, when I’d just begun my apprenticeship. Steph Jennings, arrogant, overconfident, and criminally naive when it came to the ways of […]

Singing About Sewers

Our last album was an international success! As predicted, we hit triple platinum in no time. A concept album about conveyancing was just what the music industry was craving. Critics are calling it the album of the century. We can’t rest on our success, though. In this business, you’ve got to keep moving, which means […]