Window Solutions Two

In my capacity as an architect affiliated with a prominent Australian firm, I frequently encounter a diverse array of inquiries and consultations. Today’s focus has revolved around an office space currently under construction in the heart of the city. The company’s vision encompassed an amalgamation of comfort, functionality, and security, with the added nuance of […]

Windows Extravaganza

I can’t believe how successful our concept album Fixing Cars was! People really loved the down-to-earth depiction of a working-class mechanic, toiling through the Australian summer to make enough money to feed his family. It was even better than Buying and Selling. Naturally, we started on album number four straight away. At first, we thought […]

Missing King

Many people don’t know this, but Victoria technically has a monarchy. Not the British one, but an actual monarchy of its own. If the people of Victoria wanted it, they could become their own country with King Josiah at its head. He currently doesn’t have any constitutional power, but if five hundred thousand people agree […]