Windows Extravaganza

I can’t believe how successful our concept album Fixing Cars was! People really loved the down-to-earth depiction of a working-class mechanic, toiling through the Australian summer to make enough money to feed his family. It was even better than Buying and Selling. Naturally, we started on album number four straight away. At first, we thought that window tinting was the next big thing, but we were really struggling for inspiration with it. All we got was one good song from our recording sessions, which we released as a single, The Window is Dark Now.

Turns out people loved it. That made us review. Windows are popular, but tinting just didn’t feel right. Then I was struck by inspiration. What if we just made an album about windows in general? We could write songs like Replacement for Sash Windows and I Like My Coffee How I Like My Windows. I can feel it in my bones. This is the album that launches us to global stardom. The Cockroaches? Who are they? Music theory classes will revolve around the band Concept Artists. We’ll finally go diamond.

I’m loving the beat on Timber Window Replacement Near Melbourne, along with its killer guitar riff. Not to mention It’s Not Just A Computer, which is a genuine gem of a track. Forty-five minutes of pure bliss, and that’s just the intro. I’m thinking we’ll name this album Windows Extravaganza, so that people know exactly what they’re getting from the start. By the time you’re into the first of fifty awesome tracks, you’ll be swept along for the ride.

Tomorrow we’ll be playing our longest concert yet. We’ll be performing Buying and Selling, There Are Lots of Blocked Drains in Melbourne and Fixing Cars back to back to back. Only our most dedicated fans are going to be there, and they’ll know all the lyrics. I can’t wait to hear the roar of the crowd as we sing 5000 Wrenches in the Wind together. Things couldn’t be going better.