Travel Green

I love the planet. Preserving the planet is something that I have always been passionate about. This includes doing my part for the conservation of animals, flora and fauna. 

I do my best to reduce my carbon emissions and have an overall lower carbon footprint. One of the most notable methods used to reduce my footprint is that I rarely drive a car. I don’t even own a car. The only time I ever drive is if I’m travelling somewhere in Australia. I don’t fly places as the emissions from aeroplanes are ridiculously bad for the planet, so when I have to travel great distances I’ll hire a car and drive. I understand this may seem extreme to some people, and that for many people it’s not feasible to travel without a car or plane. Which is why I encourage others to do their bit for the planet, however big or small that contribution may appear to be. Any contribution will make a difference. 

One contribution to the conservation of the planet that I am really impressed with is the green travel plan. The initiative is intended to promote sustainability by encouraging planet-friendly modes of transport, such as walking, cycling, taking public transport and ride sharing. As someone heavily invested in the health of our planet, this is so exciting! The fact that people are taking steps (pun intended) to help save the planet is so uplifting. I am so proud of everyone that is doing their bit towards the conservation action plan. It’s comforting to know that our children, and our children’s children will enjoy everything the planet has to offer for years to come. All because we made the effort to look after our planet whilst we were on it. 

If anyone has any ideas to help the planet, chat to a traffic engineer. Melbourne and the world in general will be so much better off with our help. Let’s do this people.