Therapeutic Driving

I love driving. I know a lot of people find driving stressful and I understand why, but for me the act of driving is the most therapeutic and spiritual experience in the world. Driving to me is like meditation; it’s how I reflect, it’s how I remove myself from situations that cause me anxiety and how I take myself to places that make me happy.

Until two days ago, I had never had a bad experience driving. 

I was driving through Midvale, listening to music and thinking about my day, when all of a sudden my car made a noise and broke down. I was shocked, but I wasn’t panicked thanks to all the meditation I had done just seconds prior. The first thing I did was call a mechanic shop. Midvale has quite a few of them, luckily, so I didn’t have to wait too long for one of them to send someone out. I got myself a hot chocolate whilst I was waiting, still in my post meditation euphoria. 

When the mechanic arrived, he tried to explain what was wrong with the car and what needed to be done to repair it, but I don’t really know much about cars at all. I don’t really care about cars, I just like driving. He told me that I needed an auto suspension repair. I obliged because I wanted to be back in my car driving with my music on and loving life, and that seemed like the only option I had. 

Thankfully for me, the process didn’t take a crazy amount of time and I was back on the road yesterday. I had to go on an extra long drive to combat the stress I was feeling from the day before, but it worked and I feel a lot better. I guess it was always a matter of time until something went wrong, seeing as I drive, sometimes for hours a day. If I can go another five years without another mishap, I’ll be one very happy and relaxed person.