The Christmas Tresses

Time for that annual tradition that everyone sort of hates and loves at the same time: sending out the office Christmas cards. It’s a nice break from work, but I never really know what to say. It’s all about getting the balance between professional and personal, that elusive balance that I find so… well, elusive. 

Okay, so I’m not a poet. That’s why I pay people to do the writing around here. I did mention to Niko and Juno that we were in need of a few drafts for a Christmas letter, even though we have that incredibly important piece to be done for the Melbourne hair salon guild. For one wild moment I was all like ‘I’ll do the piece for the hair salon, while you get on this Christmas thing!’, but then I realised that that’s stupid. On the one hand, we have a client. On the other, it’s a business obligation where you send Christmas cards with incredibly short messages. 

The hair salon thing is for Christmas as well, I suppose. There’s this huge gathering of hair stylist from all across Melbourne, right in the middle of Melbourne Central, and for a few hours on a Saturday they give people crazy Christmas hairstyles. It’s all done for charity. 

They’ve left the advertising really late this year, however, only sending us the design brief a couple of days ago and setting a really tight deadline for a lot of work. I did tell them that shelving our other projects was going to cost them extra, but they’re pretty desperate. I guess this is their first time advertising and they thought it’d be a quick afternoon job. Well yes, but actually no.

I was seriously considering going along to a salon after I heard some people saying I was ‘straight-laced’. I mean, maybe I don’t laugh as loudly as some folks, but that’s taking things a little too far. It’s time I proved that I can be ‘fun’ and ‘get down with the kids’. Now I don’t even have to find a hair salon open within Melbourne CBD; I can just go to Melbourne Central and they’ll come to me. And dye my hair green. And shape it into a Christmas tree.

I’m regretting my decision.