Changed My Mind

After my most recent blog post, I received a lot of hate messages. I claimed that the new direction of Sponge Boy was terrible and that it was spitting on the original concept of the show. My readers were quick to tell me that I was clearly just holding onto my nostalgic view of the old show, refusing to look for any good elements of the new show. I was told to watch the film that just came out without judging it so harshly, so I actually did.

And you know what? I’ll admit that I was wrong on this one. I still hate the idea of CGI Policeman Sam, Pilot Pat and Carrots in Costumes, but I’ll admit that I was way off here. For some reason, Sponge Boy doing air conditioning repair close to Dandenong just works. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s good stuff. I guess opening up the world really let the writers come up with some fresh ideas which will keep the show going for years to come.

I don’t know what I was talking about when I accused Jerry the steel wool of being an unoriginal character. He’s hilarious! Far better than Rick ever had the potential to be. I love that Jerry lives in a bottle, whereas Rick lived under a rock. That’s just boring. Living in a bottle is so genius. It opens up countless opportunities for comedy and is a great metaphor for the character.

When Sponge Boy went to do his last job for the year, helping people with their air conditioning near Cranbourne, I almost cried. It’s just so beautiful, seeing Sponge Boy help people get their cooling systems working again. It is a much more emotionally rewarding job than cooking burgers for people.

Of course, I’m being super sarcastic here. I still think that the new Sponge Boy direction is awful. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, but I would appreciate not getting threatening messages for expressing my opinion.