Regretful Air Conditioning

My boyfriend of almost four years is leaving me to follow his dreams. How can I begrudge him of that? Him leaving hurts so much though. I had to sit back and smile when he went to Canada on exchange and now I have to sit back and smile after he leaves me for two […]

Changed My Mind

After my most recent blog post, I received a lot of hate messages. I claimed that the new direction of Sponge Boy was terrible and that it was spitting on the original concept of the show. My readers were quick to tell me that I was clearly just holding onto my nostalgic view of the […]

Cold Air Fox

It can get so hot out in the Australian bush, especially when you’re a fox. That’s why I like to make friends that can keep me cool. My latest friend is an old air conditioner that sticks out of a building. We chat a bit about the things that go on in his house, and […]