Brisbane’s Muay Thai


And we’re back, everyone! Sorry that we had to cut to an ad break early. I’m not sure if you guys noticed but things got a bit feisty with my co-host Nath about ten minutes ago. I’m Kath, your professional Muay Thai boxer commentator, and I’m here with Nath, the guy that adds a couple of laughs to the commentary every now and then. 

Ugh, I don’t want to say it on live TV Kath, but you’re kind of insufferable… Anyway, great to have you, everyone, I can’t wait for the local Muay Thai boxing gym to turn into an arena for Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition in just a few minutes!

You know what, Nath, that’s something we can both agree on! The first two competitors are stepping into the ring now. For those of you who didn’t tune into the competition last year, the way it works is it’s a round-robin. We have twenty competitors, which means ten first round fights. The five winners then progress to the next round, and the person who knocks their competitor out quickest in the first round gets to sit out of the second and third rounds. That means they go straight to the championship round. 

Wow, it sounds like there’s a lot riding on this first round then, doesn’t it Kath?

Good work stating the obvious, Nath.

Well, that’s just awesome, thanks, Kath. Anyway, for those of you who are watching at home, the rounds are split up into different days. It would be too much to have our competitors try and do all of this in one day, and splitting it up also means more revenue for the showrunners, so obviously they’re going to do that!

Anyway, we now turn our attention to the MMA gym near Brisbane. I’m seriously holding my breath, I’m that excited. Our first pair is about to get into the ring. More to come after the ad break.