4WD in Hobart

We flew to Hobart this morning! My boyfriend’s dad’s long-awaited 60th birthday was yesterday, and to celebrate we have all flown to Hobart for the weekend. It’s a pretty cool way to celebrate a birthday, especially because we’re going to go exploring.

Tasmania is a stunning, and if I may be so bold, underestimated state. Driving through it and exploring is going to be an awesome experience and one that not many people have done before. My boyfriend’s parents have hired cars for all of us to go 4WD. They even had the cars serviced and ensure they all had quality 4×4 tyres. In the Hobart CBD, quality 4×4 tyres probably aren’t needed, but as soon as we get to the outskirts of the city, we’re going to need them. The whole of Tasmania is pretty much a 4WD haven, and I can promise you, my whole boyfriend’s family, myself included, will be out there living our best lives on the tracks. 

I wonder how many in-laws would be willing to hire cars for their kids and partners. I think my boyfriend’s parents may be two of the most generous people in the world. I love my own parents, obviously, but I don’t think they’d do what my boyfriend’s parents are doing… which is completely fair enough. It would cost a bomb to hire five cars, and even more to have every car checked over by an auto electrician close to Hobart. I always knew my boyfriend’s family was well off, but this is the next level.

I can’t wait until we jump in the car and go off on our adventure. We’re about to pick them up from Hobart’s local mechanic and then we will be on our way to the great unknown. Once we’ve had a full day of exploring, we’re going to this famous Korean restaurant which is going to be awesome.